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Tropical Food Gardens

$35.00 AUD

by Leonie Norrington, Illustrations by Colwyn Campbell

160 pages

275mm X 190mm , Paperback

ISBN: 9781876473419

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There are three main chapters – vegetables, herbs and fruit trees – with the focus on growing, propagating and harvesting food plants.

Have you wondered how to grow exotic vegetables like snake beans, water chestnuts and loofahs? Luscious fruits such as rambutans and mangoes? Herbs like vanilla, turmeric and galangal?

Tropical Food Gardens shows you how to propagate, grow and harvest a wide range of varieties, in tropical and sub-tropical climates.

Smaller chapters also cover water in gardens, soils, pests, diseases, recipes and of course the ever changing seasons.

This is a very colourful and amusing journey including her own, very successful garden, laced with anecdotes and full of practical information – it’s also great fun!

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