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ROBERTO BURLE MARX : Brazilian Modernist

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by Jens Hoffmann and Claudia Nahson

244 pages

260mm x 240mm , Hardback

ISBN: 9780300212150

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The modernist parks and gardens of Brazilian landscape architect and garden designer Roberto Burle Marx (1909-1994) earned widespread acclaim and a belief that he was the most influential landscape architect of last century. He, however, always some saw himself as an artist. He designed more than 2,000 gardens of which, many of the most famous were created in collaboration with brilliant architect Oscar Niemeyer.  A great strength of this volume is that while it covers his varied landscapes and gardens, it also explores his prolific art – the paintings, drawings, tile mosaics, sculpture, textile design, jewellery, theatre costumes, singing, and more – all of which are critical to appreciating the genius of the man.

Marx denounced deforestation in the Amazon from where he brought back a huge range of species and established the leading tropical nursery in Latin America (if not the world).

This superbly illustrated and groundbreaking publication covers the full range of Burle Marx’s artistic output, as well as the Sitio, his extraordinary office, workshop, gallery, living spaces, nurseries and trial gardens.

The enduring influence of Burle Marx’s is also explored through interviews with seven living artists who amplify his sources of inspiration.

    As the only book in English on Burle Marx published in recent times it really is a must!

    – Warwick Forge


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