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Juan Grimm

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by Juan Grimm

304 pages

300mm x 240mm , Hardback

ISBN: 9783775743891



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JUAN GRIMM by Juan Grimm with essays by Aniket Bhagwat, Mathias Klotz and Mitzi Rojas.

Limited Edition

Grimm was recently described by Aniket Bhagwat as, probably the world’s leading landscape architect. The book has taken over a decade in preparation but was well worth it. Perhaps no other significant designer has engaged so closely with natural landscapes before introducing his harmonious interventions.

The engaging 61 page chapter Travel Journal by Grimm describes his intimate personal evolution as a designer from childhood. It is a thrilling and illuminating journey for us all. It is followed by chapters on ten wonderful gardens in which he describes the various challenges and triumphs. The book itself is a very fine  work of art with low key, stunning photographs and lovely binding.

Acknowledged as the leading landscape designer in Latin America, ..his designs persistently underscore the sublimities of nature featuring drawings, photographs, interviews, and extensive companion essays, this book presents Grimm’s body of work, his methods, sources of inspiration, and artistic aims. Examples, range ..over 30 years. ..[he has] built nearly 1,000 ha of gardens, and private and public parks in Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Uruguay, including the gardens of the Baha’i Temple in Santiago and of a Benedictine abbey.


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