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Grow What Where

$49.95 AUD

by Natalie Peate, Gwenda MacDonald and Alice Talbot

400 pages

243mm x 180mm , Hardback

ISBN: 9781876473556

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Over 3,000 Australian native plants for every situation, special Use and problem Area

One of the greatest challenges for any gardener, is selecting the right plant for the right spot. Grow What Where enables people to seek out plants based upon their own exacting requirements. It has been written following many years of experience of native gardening throughout Australia by many different people.

Plant categories include climate, soil types, plant forms, flower colour and over 100 other characteristics designed to suit everyone!

Over 3,000 Australian plants are included. In addition, a free interactive CD is included with the book to quickly find those plants that match even the most complex requirements.

60,000 copies of Grow What Where have been sold. This new, expanded and revised third edition is an essential tool for everyone with an interest in native plants.

About the Authors:

Natalie Peate is a scientist and former owner of the nursery, Plant Growers Australia in Melbourne. She is expert in plant propagation, particularly of difficult species. With her interest in uncommon native plants, she has a large collection of pomaderris and some other lesser known Australian plants.

Gwenda Macdonald developed and owned Flora Macdonald Native Plants nursery in Melbourne for many years. She is a keen plantsperson and her own garden has many beautiful specimens.

Alice talbot was a school teacher with extensive nursery experience. A keen photographer and lecturer to plant groups, she grows Australian plants and studies them with native birds, animals, insects and spiders, in their natural habitats throughout Australia.

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