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Gordon Ford : The Natural Australian Garden

$49.95 AUD

by Gordon Ford with Gwen Ford

126 pages

248mm x 248mm , Hardback

ISBN: 9781876473099

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For too long Australians have been dominated by European gardening trends. Gordon Ford, like no other landscape designer before him, has mastered the natural Australian style.

Australia has unique conditions and, in terms of our indigenous species, this ancient continent can boast high levels of floristic integrity quite unknown to Europeans.

Gordon Ford was early influenced by the English natural style landscape school of the eighteenth century. But his great skill has been to work with Australia’s natural elements and to develop gardens that not only honoured the rugged beauty of the Australian landscape, but did so in a way that captured their apparent timelessness – his gardens look as if they have always been there.

Long revered as a landscaper, carrying on in the tradition of Ellis Stones and Edna Walling, Gordon Ford is now recognised as one of Australia’s leading contemporary ‘design visionaries’. In shaping our visual world, Gordon Ford focused on the essential balance between mass and void in his designs. His balance of the natural elements of rocks, water, trees and other plants achieves a timeless harmony – we feel totally satisfied but uncertain as to where Mother Nature starts and Gordon Ford finishes.

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