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Field Guide to Eucalypts – Volume 2

$129.95 AUD

by Ian Brooker and David Kleinig

562 pages

294mm x 210mm , Hardback

ISBN: 9780992290023

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Australian landscapes are unique since they are dominated by a single hardwood species – the eucalypt.  These leading authors have now identified over 1,000 species of the genus Eucalyptus and this volume contains the most remarkable of the regional collections and in particular, features the colourful eucalypts of Western Australia, which are extensively used for landscaping throughout much of Australia.

This extensively revised edition covers species indigenous to the southern part of W.A. below 26° latitude, and all of South Australia, and NSW north and west of the Darling River. Important features are emphasized in bold and colour illustrations show the tree or mallee and its bark, buds and fruit. Botanical terms are explained and illustrated.

Since the first edition of 1990, many new species were discovered and existing names changed. Volume 2 is now revised and updated consistent with Vols. 1 and 3.

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