Travellers Comments

Travellers Comments from the 2017 Tour of India


We loved our trip with Sue & Warwick to India.
They organised a well balanced visit which enabled us to really get a sense of India. The people, the long fascinating history that has shaped the country, the food, spectacular buildings, the colour and the noise.

A treat for all senses and the brain.

The transport, accommodation and organisation were excellent. We stayed in beautiful, mainly old buildings which added to the whole Indian experience.
Sue and Warwick were able to provide us with an unforgettable head-on experience with India.

Thank you.

Look forward to another adventure!!

Jennifer & Ken Horner
Taranaki, New Zealand

‘.. a wonderful tour with a wide diversity of cultural activities and a fascinating collection of public and private gardens. Many of the hotels were really lovely with excellent facilities and regional cuisine.
…Our members will love this tour and the personal contacts and gardens really make for a very personal and special experience!’
– Lisa Tuck, National Executive Officer, Australian Garden History Society

Dear Warwick and Sue,
I couldn’t agree with Lexia more – our trip to India was wonderful and we still talk about what a great experience it was and how we would like to see more.

Gail and Bruce Moffatt
Armidale, NSW

Warwick, … I loved the trip.  I still keep thinking about the things we have seen so it has left a lasting impression on both Fran and I. We went to see the movie The Viceroy’s House last week.  That brought back a great deal of memories of Vineet telling us about partition.
… many thanks for the wonderful memories we have from India.
Lexia Nielsen,
Guyra, NSW

Hi Warwick,
I apologize for my tardiness since our magnificent tour of India.
    I have not stopped telling friends of how great an experience it was albeit rather warm. The group were really a great bunch, we all got on so well from my perspective.
    It was such a hugely diverse and enriching experience, one that I will never forget, leaving an impression more ingrained in my psyche perhaps than South America did, though it too was quite an experience but different in so many ways.
    Thanks again to Sue and your good self for a wonderful Indian experience .

Best regards
Andrew Hughes
The Patch, Vic

Dear Sue and Warwick,

My gratitude and admiration for the incredible journey is enormous. It was a huge undertaking with so many people in various states of control. Your care and calm was exceptional in every way.

I have just read, and delighted in, Aniket’s book of gardens, which explains many of the gardens we saw officially, and unofficially. And have kept the book on Udaan for tomorrow – can’t have too much sensory fun all at once!

It is a peculiar feeling I am still somewhere in the weird dream of India. …
All the best and gratefully Gini Holexx
Red Hill, A.C.T.