Gardens of India: Jewels in the Crown

8 Feb–24 Feb 2023

Tour Leader: Warwick Forge

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Following the outstanding success of our previous India tours, it is offered again with minor variations.

These are cultural tours with a gardens focus developed with special assistance from Aniket Bhagwat, India’s leading designer and speaker at our 2013 ALC conference.

This tour provides an introduction to outstanding highlights of India – surely, the most diverse, intriguing, beautiful, colourful, charming, bewildering and exciting country on earth! Travel in India can be challenging. We aim to make it as comfortable and seamless as possible. Certainly, our hotels are 4.5 to 5 star and mostly wonderful!

The India Tour includes the capital Dehli with ‘Lutyens India’, the Mughal Humayun Mausoleum, Old Delhi bazaars and Ahmedabad where we visit Mahatma Ghandi’s Ashram, and are welcomed by leading landscape architect Aniket Bhagwat, brilliant principal of Landscape India.

Then to Jaipur – capital of colourful Rajasthan with its forts and palaces, Agra – former capital of the Mughal Empire and home to the mighty Red Fort, remnants of Emperor Babur’s earliest Mughal Ram Bagh garden and the mausoleum garden Taj Mahal, which Aniket says should be seen by moonlight though early morning sunlight brings out the soft ineffable hues of this incomparable jewel of the Mughal Shah Jahan – an exquisite memorial to his beloved Mumtaz Mahal.

From Agra, to Khajuraho, to experience the world’s finest external stone temple sculptures (the ‘naughty temples’). Then on to Varanasi – the peak of all religious sites in the Hindu world. We are on the Ganges as dawn breaks, and glimpse something of the soul of India and despite thousands of pilgrims, we aim to make this a comfortable visit. The dancing, chants and music can be pure joy.

Note: Warwick has had a lifelong passion for Kashmir and may lead a small extension tour there if conditions are stable.

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Faces and Places of India
by Paul Kertes

On our March 2017 tour Dr Paul Kertes was fascinated by the colours and scenes of India and consequently produced a magnificent two volume album displaying his lovely photographs. He has kindly provided a sample of his work for you. Simply click the images below to enlarge some of the lovely photos he took in India.

Faces of IndiaPlaces of India 1Places of India 2

Paul is now available for professional photographic assignments. See his website and also his Instagram site @pk____photography