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ALC Garden Tours



With vaccinations coming on stream and the pandemic retreating around the world, it is surely time to start planning once again for overseas travel!

With the sale of the Conference, Sue and I reserved the right to take three last tours – each with an optional extension.

We plan for these final tours to be truly outstanding, of a modest size and with travellers of like minds. There are limited places and most of our tours fill up so this is your chance to register an interest by completing an Expression of Interest.

Our tours are preliminary now and if we believe there are significant risks from the pandemic the tour will be cancelled (or deferred) at no cost to you. No costs are incurred until you and we are agreed it is time to make a financial commitment.


ALC Garden Tours were created in response to keen demand at our Australian Landscape Conferences.
Those inspired by our international speakers were intrigued to visit their gardens, to meet them in their own country, and to visit other gardens made possible through our speakers. We have been thrilled to visit these wonderful creations.

Most of the gardens we visit are private and access depends upon mutual interests and sincere personal bonds with our speakers, designers and owners. It is the shared personal values that make our tours so successful and unique.

Since the tours are not yet finalised, we are providing copies of previous tours or a brief summary to provide a sample of what to expect. In due course, there will be minor modifications, some improvements and a final Itinerary and costs.


ALC Garden Tours 2022
Portugal 28 May – 7 June 2022 10 days PDF Icon Flyer sample PDF Icon Itinerary sample
Morocco 8 June – 17 June 2022 9 days PDF Icon Flyer sample PDF Icon Itinerary sample


ALC Garden Tours 2023
India 8 Feb – 24 Feb 2023 17 days PDF Icon Itinerary sample
Sri Lanka 24 Feb – 3 Mar 2023 8 days PDF Icon Itinerary sample
South Africa: The Western Cape 16 Oct – 29 Oct 2023 13 days Information to be supplied soon
Namibia 29 Oct – 5 Nov 2023 8 days Information to be supplied soon


To read travellers comments from the 2017 India Tour please click here.



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